of the North Carolina Sociological Association
Volume 35, Number 3                          October 2009

The 2010 NCSA Annual Meeting will be held at the Durham Hilton.

New Issue of SOCIATION TODAY Is Now Available

by George Conklin

The current Fall/Winter 2009 issue of "Sociation Today" was released on October 15.  It contains eight articles on a variety of topics.  Two specifically address the role of African Americans, while one gives an analysis of problems immigrants to the United States must face.   While altruistic behavior is considered a social good, it would appear that people who do good expect benefits from it, according to ethnographic material from New Jersey.  If you have ever been hospitalized, or a loved one has, check out the article entitled "On Being Sick in a Sick Place."  Two examples of how research might benefit economic development in North Carolina are discussed.  Lastly, why some groups are more politically engaged than others is the focus of one article. 

Any journal is the property not of the organization which publishes it, but of the readers who submit articles.  "Sociation Today" is an open-access, peer-reviewed refereed journal.  Open access means we do not charge for anyone to read the information, unlike the usual publishers.  So far for the Spring 2010 issue we have four articles by current and past presidents of NCSA, but there will be other articles as well.  Please do submit your articles to the journal, and please remember that "Sociation Today" is an excellent student resource which should be included in your course outlines.  Do not forget the Weber video which is often of great interest to students. 

Recently I filled out an elaborate paper questionnaire on the future of libraries at colleges and universities.  It asked if, in five years, college libraries should keep paper copies of journals.  I replied, "No."  "Sociation Today" is years ahead of that curve and represents the future of publishing. 

Please remember to use "Sociation Today" in your course outlines, since students do not need specialized permissions to access the complete articles.  This is our 14th issue and the index for all articles can be located from DOAJ, listed on the left column of each page.

We are an open-access journal, meaning that we do not charge for anyone to read the material, including, of course, students and the public. 

Call for Nominations:
Contributions to Sociology Award

Each year the NCSA presents an Award for Contributions to Sociology. This award recognizes excellence in teaching, service, research, or other activity. It is open to members of the NCSA in academic, research, or applied positions.

Nominations may be made by an individual other than the nominee, an academic department, government agency, or employer. The nomination should include a summary of appropriate evidence, including information about items such as:

  • Teaching evaluations by students, peers, and administrators.

  • Developing and improving teaching techniques.

  • Advising and supervising students and serving as a mentor.

  • Developing, administering, evaluating and marketing courses and programs.

  • Fostering improved teaching through research, publications, conferences, and workshops.

  • Outstanding scholarly contributions through books, articles, or other publications.

  • Service to the academic community or one's place of employment.

  • Service to the profession of Sociology through work with either state, regional, national or international associations.

  • Community service at the local, state, regional or national level. This could include work with both nonprofit and profit organizations where the outcome demonstrated a significant contribution to sociology or to bettering society.

  • The application of sociological knowledge to a critical societal problem and its solution.

The winner will be recognized at the annual meeting and receive a plaque and NCSA lifetime membership.  Send nomination letters and supporting materials to Cheryl Brown, Greensboro College,cbrown@ .The deadline for submission is November 23, 2009. If you have any questions, please contact Professor McNamee.

THE BULLETIN  is a publication of the North Carolina Sociological Association. The NCSA is open to any person engaged in teaching or research in sociology, or in a field of applied sociology, as well as to any student whose major interest is sociology. Members receive THE BULLETIN and are invited to attend the annual meeting of the association in late winter or early spring. Dues for one calendar year are $15 (professional) and $5 (student, includes registration for annual meeting). For more information about the NCSA, please visit its main page.

Contact Information:

The editor of THE BULLETIN  is Lee Dodson, Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences at Rockingham Community College, P.O. Box 38, Wentworth, NC 27375-0038
336-342-4261, ext. 2155

The treasurer of the NCSA is Dr. Cathy Zimmer, The Odum Instutitue, Chapel Hill, NC 27599. Questions about membership should be directed to Dr. Zimmer.

Dana Greene is the NCSA recording secretary. She is on the faculty at NCCU.

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NCSA Will Meet in Durham on February 12, 2010
"Stretching the Boundaries:
Interdisciplinarity, Internationalization, and Knowledge in Service of Society in North Carolina Sociology"

By Ken Spenner
Duke University
NCSA President Elect

Greetings from Durham!  Higher education continues in a time of challenge, change, and even crisis, given the events in the larger economy.  The Program theme for this year's annual meeting aims to capture both the changing boundaries of our profession, and how our profession is responding to the challenges and, at times, crisis around us. 

With this message I warmly invite you to attend the 2010 Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Sociological Association to be held in Durham at the Durham Hilton February 12, 2010.  The Program theme is, "Stretching the Boundaries:  Interdisciplinarity, Internationalization, and Knowledge in Service of Society in North Carolina Sociology."  Increasingly, our teaching, research and service activities stretch these three boundaries, drawing insight and inspiration from other fields, engaging projects and phenomena from around the globe, and bringing our professional skills and knowledge to bear on real world problems.  The preliminary program below testifies to the exciting range of projects underway by colleagues from across the state that stretch these three boundaries of the profession.

My own address features the development and evolution of the Markets and Management Studies Program at Duke, which offers a liberal arts based approach to undergraduate business education, and is administered by the Department of Sociology.  Now in its 20th year, the Program includes strong elements of interdisciplinarity, internationalization, and knowledge in service of society.  Other morning sessions are dedicated to internationalization and interdisciplinarity (one session each) and two sessions feature people and projects that embody sociological knowledge in service of society.  Two afternoon sessions give us strategies for surviving the financial crisis --- one providing perspectives of administrators with three academic administrators from across the state, and the other session on finding jobs for sociology graduate and undergraduate students.

The luncheon on Friday will be catered by the Durham Hilton.  The menu starts with a garden salad, followed by choice of fried chicken, Alabama meatloaf, corn on the cob, corn bread, red beans and rice macaroni and cheese, and green beans.  If you are still hungry, there will also be assorted cobblers.  I encourage you to preregister so we will have an accurate head count for the luncheon.  A registration and membership renewal form is provided with this copy of THE BULLETIN.

Should you wish to come in the day before, two hotels (one onsite and the other close) are recommended:
Hilton Durham, 3800 Hillsborough Rd., Durham, NC  27705, phone: 919-383-8033
NCSA Room Rate $99.00 plus taxes.
La Quinta Inn & Suites, 4414 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd., Durham, NC 27707,
phone: 919-401-9660. Approx Room Rate $90.00 plus taxes.

If people are coming in the day before and would like to gather for food at a local restaurant the night before, let me know and I will make arrangements ( The Hilton website identifies a number of area attractions from gardens and museums to shopping.

See you in Durham!

Tentative Schedule of Sessions
2010 NCSA Annual Meeting

Stretching the Boundaries:
Interdisciplinarity, Internationalization,
and Knowledge in Service
of Society in North Carolina Sociology

February 12, 2010, Durham Hilton Hotel
3800 Hillsborough Road, Durham, North Carolina

Friday, February 12, 2010
8:15--9:00 AM:
Coffee, Pastries and Muffins
9:00--9:05: Welcome
Cheryl Brown,
NCSA President, Greensboro College
9:05--9:10: Speaker Introduction

Kenneth Land
, Former NCSA President, Duke University
9:10--9:45: Presidential Address
Kenneth Spenner, President Elect, Duke University
9:45--10:00: Coffee Break, Exhibits and Mingle
10:00--11:00: General Sessions I and II

Session I: "Internationalization in North Carolina Sociology"
Bill Markham, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, "Internationalizing the Curriculum:  The Global Social Problems Concentration at UNCG."
Gary Gereffi, Duke University, Director, Center for Globalization, Governance and Competitiveness
Session II: "Knowledge in Service of Society in North Carolina Sociology"
Rebecca Bach, Duke University and Dana Greene, North Carolina Central University, "Inter-University Service Learning Projects."
[second speaker to be announced]

11:00--11:15 : Coffee Break, Exhibits, Mingle
11:15--12:15: General Sessions III and IV

Session III: "Interdisciplinarity in North Carolina Sociology"
Heather Griffiths, Fayetteville State University, "Students, Reading, and Interdisciplinary Cooperation."
Cameron Lippard, Appalachian State University.
Lynn Smith-Lovin, Duke University, Faculty Fellow, Social Science Research Institute
Session IV: "More Knowledge in Service of Society in NC Sociology"
Ken Land, John Franklin Crowell Professor, Duke University, "How Bad Can It Get:  Forecasting the Effects of the 2008-2009 Recession on Child Well-Being."
Paul Luebke, Professor, UNCG; Representative, NC House of Representatives

12:30--1:45: Banquet and Awards
Honors and Awards, Business Meeting
Cheryl Brown, President
Break and Mingle
2:00--3:15: General Sessions V and VI

Session V:  "Surviving the Financial Crisis:  Perspectives of Administrators"
Stephen McNamee, UNC Wilmington, Former Chair and Former Associate Dean, UNC Wilmington
Angela O'Rand, Duke University, Former Chair and Current Dean of Social Sciences
Maxine Atkinson, North Carolina State University, Head, Department of Sociology
Session VI: "Surviving the Financial Crisis:  Jobs for Sociology Graduate and Undergraduate Students"
[2-3 panelists to be announced]

3:15: Meeting Adjourns

Call for Papers
2009 Himes Awards

The NCSA seeks papers that represent excellence in sociological analysis from both undergraduate and graduate students. This competition comes with a monetary award ($150 for the winning undergraduate papers, $250 for the top graduate paper), and a certificate of recognition from the association. Three awards are available: one for graduate students, and one each for undergraduates at four-year institutions, and two-year institutions.

Award winners are recognized at the NCSA annual meeting and their papers are published on the official NCSA website. Faculty mentors are also recognized at the annual meeting, and department chairs and college deans are forwarded award information for contract and promotion purposes.

Eligibility requirements are simple: Any current student enrolled in a community college, four-year college,  or university in North Carolina may submit a paper for consideration. Also, students who graduated in the previous Spring or Summer Sessions are eligible to submit a paper for consideration of awards that will be conferred in the following academic year.

  1. Co-authored papers written by graduate students are eligible for the graduate paper award and co-authored papers written by undergraduates are eligible for the undergraduate award. Cash awards will be evenly split among authors of award winning papers.
  2. Co-authored papers between students and faculty and between graduate students and undergraduate students are ineligible.
  3. The same individual may be eligible to win the undergraduate award once and the graduate award once.

Judgment criteria include:
--accurate, focused, and thorough review of the pertinent sociological literature
--use of method related to topic
--appropriate use of evidence in drawing conclusions
--ability to use theoretical analysis and interpretation
--nsight and creativity
--riting skill, clarity, and coherence and
--proper use of citations and documentation

Please email a blind copy of the paper (as a Word, Word Perfect, or PDF file attachment) along with a separate cover letter (as an attachment) describing the student's year in school, institutional affiliation, & faculty mentor information to: Cheryl Brown, Greensboro College, The deadline for submission is January 15, 2010. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Lamb by email or by phone (919-530-7791).




Those attending the 2010 NCSA meeting may want to visit the campus of nearby Duke University. Pictured above is  Duke Chapel, located on the West Campus.

 NCSA Officers:

President: Cheryl Brown, Greensboro College.

President-Elect: Ken Spenner, Duke University.

Past-President: Ken Land, Duke University.

Treasurer: Cathy Zimmer, UNC Chapel Hill.

Secretary: Dana Greene, North Carolina Central University.

Editor Newsletter: Lee Dodson, Rockingham Community College.

Editor Sociation Today and Webmaster: George H. Conklin, NC Central University.

Council Members:

2010 Akbar Aghajanian, Fayetteville State University

2010 Vicki Lamb, North Carolina Central University.

2010 Robert Puckett, Cape Fear Community College.

2011 Gwen Hunicutt, UNC-Greensboro.

2011 Kwaku Twumasi-Ankrah, Fayetteville State University.

2012 Carol Jo Evans, Elizabeth City State University.

2012 Afar Omer, UNC-Asheville

2012 Ian Taplin, Wake Forest University.

Webmaster: George H. Conklin, NC Central University.


The NCSA Executive Council is accepting nomination for NCSA Offices for the 2010 election. Nominations are needed for the Office of President of the NCSA for the year 2011 and for three members of the Executive Council to serve for three years through 2013. Send nominations to Cheryl Brown, Greensboro College,


NCSA 2010 Membership Form is available as a PDF document.
Viewing this document requires Abode Acrobat Reader.

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NCSA Needs Web Master

For the last several years, George Conklin has done "double duty" as editor of SOCIATION TODAY and as "temporary" webmaster. Members of the NCSA Executive Council (and George himself) believe it is past time to find a more "permanent" webmaster. Therefore, they invite nominations and volunteers for this post. Please help us find an individual as described in the following position announcement!

The NCSA needs a dedicated individual to serve as web master for its organizational website. The webmaster holds an unpaid, appointive office and serves at the behest of the NCSA Executive Council for an indeterminate term. Council members are seeking an individual who can commit to serving at least 3 to 5 years in this capacity. The web master is responsible for maintaining the organization's website (, posting and updating materials as needed by the organization, as well as checking and maintaining the various posted links and layers of the web site. Experience with web design and HTML and available technical and logistical support from the candidate's home institution are strongly recommended. Interested candidates may contact any member of the Executive Council; email addresses are listed on the website.

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