of the North Carolina Sociological Association
Volume 35, Number 3                          October 2010

THE BULLETIN  is a publication of the North Carolina Sociological Association. The NCSA is open to any person engaged in teaching or research in sociology, or in a field of applied sociology, as well as to any student whose major interest is sociology. Members on our listserv receive electronic notification when THE BULLETIN of the NCSA is published and are invited to attend the annual meeting of the association in the spring. Dues for one calendar year are $15 (professional) and $5 (student, includes registration for annual meeting). For more information about the NCSA, please visit its main page.

Call for Nominations:
Contributions to Sociology Award

Each year the NCSA presents an Award for Contributions to Sociology. This award recognizes excellence in teaching, service, research, or other activity. It is open to members of the NCSA in academic, research, or applied positions.

Nominations may be made by an individual other than the nominee, an academic department, government agency, or employer. The nomination should include a summary of appropriate evidence, including information about items such as:

  • Teaching evaluations by students, peers, and administrators.

  • Developing and improving teaching techniques.

  • Advising and supervising students and serving as a mentor.

  • Developing, administering, evaluating and marketing courses and programs.

  • Fostering improved teaching through research, publications, conferences, and workshops.

  • Outstanding scholarly contributions through books, articles, or other publications.

  • Service to the academic community or one's place of employment.

  • Service to the profession of Sociology through work with either state, regional, national or international associations.

  • Community service at the local, state, regional or national level. This could include work with both nonprofit and profit organizations where the outcome demonstrated a significant contribution to sociology or to bettering society.

  • The application of sociological knowledge to a critical societal problem and its solution.

The winner will be recognized at the annual meeting and receive a plaque and NCSA lifetime membership.  Send nomination letters and supporting materials to Professor Cameron Lippard. The deadline for submission is Dec. 3, 2010. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Lippard by email or by phone (828-262-6396).
Sociation Today Seeks Submissions Dealing with "Social Capital"

The spring, 2011 issue of Sociation Today will be devoted to new ways of engaging the theoretical framework of "social capital."
We welcome submissions that demonstrate new and innovative ways of engaging and / or applying the concept both theoretically and / or empirically.
If you are working with this concept and have ideas for a paper please contact Earl Smith, PhD, at Wake Forest University e-address:

The first draft for papers will be January 1, 2011.

Fall Edition of SOCIATION TODAY Offers Himes Article and Video

The Fall 2010 issue of Sociation Today ( will feature a second article by the NCSA founding president, Joe Himes.  Professor Himes writes about his interpretation of black leadership styles.  In addition, we have a short video of Dr. Himes discussing the politics of the American Sociological Association.  It is the only known video of Professor Himes. 

Other articles deal with academic politics, the sociology of the abuse of over-the-counter drugs and the 2009 Presidential Address. 

The Spring 2011 issue is going to be focused on social capital.  Please keep in mind that any journal reflects the interests of readership as indicated by the subjects of the articles submitted. 

Please also remember that as an open access journal, we do not charge for submissions nor to read the journal, unlike the so-called "standard" sociology journals, which will charge you about $30 to read an article, which was submitted by a professor getting none of the $30 and also having to first pay a fee to even get his/her work reviewed.  Sociation Today can thus be assigned in your course outlines to students, who can read the material at home without worrying about behind a university firewall. 

The public, through Google and Google Scholar (and DOAJ, EBSCO and Sociological Abstracts), can get a refereed article on a subject and avoid web sites which are frequently heavily involved in partisan politics.  If you are interested in reviewing articles for Sociation Today, please let George Conklin (, its editor,  know. 

Join Us at Wrightsville Beach for the 2011 Annual Meeting of the NCSA!

Shell Island Resort at Wrightsville Beach will again be the site for the 2011 NCSA annual meeting. The last time we met here, many members found the beach too much to resist and headed out for a quick walk after the awards luncheon.

Join us for the 2011 annual meeting of the North Carolina Sociological Association! This year, the NCSA will meet at the Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach, NC. There will be a Presidential Reception on Thursday evening (Feb. 17, 2011) at the home of Steve and Christine McNamee in Wilmington followed by a full day of sessions with an awards luncheon on Feb. 18. Steve McNamee is a past president of the NCSA.

Our theme this year is "Public Sociology within and beyond the Academy." We are proud to feature Dr. Roberta Spalter-Roth, Director of Research and Development at the American Sociological Association, as a plenary speaker on the program this year. She will be presenting on: "Findings from ASA Surveys of Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD Recipients: Implications for Departments in a Recession-Racked Economy." 

Roberta Spalter-Roth (left) will be the plenary speaker for the program this year. Paul Luebke (center) will take part in the "Author Meets Critics" session. Kim Cook (right) serves as President-elect of the NCSA and program chair for the 2011 annual meeting.

Our program will include an "Author Meets Critics" session discussing the book: Public Sociology: Research, Action & Change, jointly edited by Phil Nyden and Leslie Hossfeld. Contributors to that book include North Carolina sociologists: Leslie Hossfeld, Paul Luebke, Jean-Anne Sutherland, Susan Bullers, Donna King, as well Roberta Spalter-Roth from the ASA. 

There will be a session debating the merits of public sociology, and another session on sociological careers beyond the academy, as well as a student/alumni panel discussion of life after college.  Finally, we will offer the opportunity for conference participants to tour the UNCW-WHA Community Campus in the Hillcrest neighborhood; this is the location for our public sociology program where members of the tour will see where we do our work and what types of programs we offer.

Although the major outlines of the conference are already in place, we invite anyone interested in participating in the various panels and sessions to contact NCSA President-elect Kimberly Cook, Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology and Criminology at the University of NC Wilmington for more information. Her surface address is  601 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403. She may be reached by phone at 910-962-3785 (office) or by FAX at 910-962-7385.

We also invite you to join us for a Presidential Reception on Thursday evening (February 17, 2011) at the home of Steve and Christine McNamee in Wilmington. This home is located in the historic district of Wilmington and has been used as a set for various television and movies productions filmed in this area. 

Call for Papers
2011 Himes Awards

The NCSA seeks papers that represent excellence in sociological analysis from both undergraduate and graduate students. This competition comes with a monetary award ($150 for the winning undergraduate papers, $250 for the top graduate paper), and a certificate of recognition from the association. Three awards are available: one for graduate students, and one each for undergraduates at four-year institutions, and two-year institutions.

Award winners are recognized at the NCSA annual meeting and their papers are published on the official NCSA website. Faculty mentors are also recognized at the annual meeting, and department chairs and college deans are forwarded award information for contract and promotion purposes.

Eligibility requirements are simple: Any current student enrolled in a community college, four-year college,  or university in North Carolina may submit a paper for consideration. Also, students who graduated in the previous Spring or Summer Sessions are eligible to submit a paper for consideration of awards that will be conferred in the following academic year.

1.    Co-authored papers written by graduate students are eligible for the graduate paper award and co-authored papers written by undergraduates are eligible for the undergraduate award. Cash awards will be evenly split among authors of award winning papers.

2.    Co-authored papers between students and faculty and between graduate students and undergraduate students are ineligible.

3.    The same individual may be eligible to win the undergraduate award once and the graduate award once.

Judgment criteria include:
--accurate, focused, and thorough review of the pertinent sociological literature
-- use of method related to topic
--appropriate use of evidence in drawing conclusions
--ability to use theoretical analysis and interpretation
--insight and creativity
--writing skill, clarity, and coherence and
--proper use of citations and documentation

Please email a blind copy of the paper (as a Word, Word Perfect, or PDF file attachment) along with a separate cover letter (as an attachment) describing the student's year in school, institutional affiliation, & faculty mentor information to: Professor Cameron Lippard. The deadline for submission is January 15, 2011. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Lippard by email or by phone (828-262-6396).

Contact Information:

The editor of THE BULLETIN  is Lee Dodson, Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences at Rockingham Community College, P.O. Box 38, Wentworth, NC 27375-0038, 336-342-4261, ext. 2155,

The treasurer of the NCSA is Dr. Cathy Zimmer, The Odum Instutitue, Chapel Hill, NC 27599. Questions about membership should be directed to Dr. Zimmer.

Dana Greene is the NCSA recording secretary. She is on the faculty at NCCU.

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NCSA members and the general public can access the association’s web site at Information to be included in THE BULLETIN should be sent to its editor at or mailed to him at RCC, P.O. Box 38, Wentworth, NC 27375. General information for the NCSA web site should be sent to its webmasters, George Conklin ( , 919-560-6222).


 NCSA Officers:

President: Ken Spenner, Duke University.

President-Elect: Kim Cook, UNC Wilmington,

Past-President: Cheryl Brown, Greensboro College.

Treasurer: Cathy Zimmer, UNC Chapel Hill.

Secretary: Dana Greene, North Carolina Central University.

Editor Newsletter: Lee Dodson, Rockingham Community College.

Editor Sociation Today and Webmaster: George H. Conklin, NC Central University.

Council Members:

2011 Gwen Hunicutt, UNC-Greensboro.

2011 Kwaku Twumasi-Ankrah, Fayetteville State University.

2012 Carol Jo Evans, Elizabeth City State University.

2012 Afar Omer, UNC-Asheville

2012 Ian Taplin, Wake Forest University.

2013 Cameron Lippard, ASU,

2013: Steve Gunkel, Greensboro College, 

2013 Stephen Sills, UNC Greensboro,

Webmaster: George H. Conklin, NC Central University.


The NCSA Executive Council is accepting nomination for NCSA Offices for the 2011 election. Nominations are needed for the Office of President of the NCSA for the year 2012 and for three members of the Executive Council to serve for three years through 2014. Send nominations to Ken Spenner, Duke University.


NCSA 2011 Membership Form is available as a PDF document.
Viewing this document requires Abode Acrobat Reader.

NCSA Needs Web Master

For the last several years, George Conklin has done "double duty" as editor of SOCIATION TODAY and as "temporary" webmaster. Members of the NCSA Executive Council (and George himself) believe it is past time to find a more "permanent" webmaster. Therefore, they invite nominations and volunteers for this post. Please help us find an individual as described in the following position announcement!

The NCSA needs a dedicated individual to serve as web master for its organizational website. The webmaster holds an unpaid, appointive office and serves at the behest of the NCSA Executive Council for an indeterminate term. Council members are seeking an individual who can commit to serving at least 3 to 5 years in this capacity. The web master is responsible for maintaining the organization's website (, posting and updating materials as needed by the organization, as well as checking and maintaining the various posted links and layers of the web site. Experience with web design and HTML and available technical and logistical support from the candidate's home institution are strongly recommended. Interested candidates may contact any member of the Executive Council; email addresses are listed on the website.

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