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Rockingham Community College

About RCC

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Dr. Michael S. Helmick President 2210
Dr. Bob Lowdermilk Vice President, Student Development 2110
Dr. Jan Overman Vice President, Academic Affairs 2137
Mr. Steve Woodruff Vice President, Administrative Services 2304
Dr. Tony Gunn Associate Vice President, Facilities and External Affairs 2304
Ms. Celeste Allis Dean, Arts and Sciences 2160
Ms. Laura Coffee Dean, Workforce Development 2156
Ms. Tiffany Morris Dean, Health and Public Safety 2339
Ms. Kim Shireman Associate Dean, Learning Resources 2250
Ms. Amy Bell Director, Student Support Services 2702
Ms. Chandra Caple Director, Educational Partnerships 2130
Ms. Joy Chappell Interim Director, Human Resources 2265
Ms. Gaye Clifton Director, Development/Foundation 2201
Ms. Melanie Eley Director, Counseling Services 2308
Ms. Mary Gomez Director, Library Services 2320
Mr. Ken Hanks Director, Campus Security 2326
Mr. Perry Hughes Director, Career and Technical Education/GOT 2157
Mr. Chris Johnson Director, Student Life 2323
Mr. Jeff Knight Director, Physical Plant 2166
Ms. Charlotte Meeks Director, Testing and Tutoring 2255
Ms. Carla Moore Registrar 2219
Ms. Sally Newman Director, Customized Training Programs 2151
Mr. Kevin Osborne Director, Institutional Research and Planning 2208
Ms. Gretchen Parrish Director, Technology Support Services 2149
Ms. Kim Pryor Director, Public Information 2170
Mr. Derick Satterfield Director, Enrollment Services 2114
Dr. Robert Brandon Department Chair, English/ACA 2363
Mr. Chris Brooks Department Chair, Mechanical Systems 2182
Ms. Vickie Chitwood Department Chair, Allied Health 2341
Mr. Keith Elliott Department Chair, Electrical/Engineering, BDF and Horticulture 2109
Ms. Anne Marie Freeman Department Chair, Sciences and Early Childhood Education 2379
Dr. Lori French Department Chair, Science and Cosmetology 2227
Ms. Lynne Haynes Department Chair, Health and Physical Education 2158
Ms. Phyllis Horton Department Chair, Nursing 2293
Ms. Lori Murphy Department Chair, Mathematics 2173
Ms. Donata Worrell Department Chair, Humanities and Fine Arts 2193
Ms. Joyce Russell Department Chair, Basic Skills and Developmental Studies 2235