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About RCC

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Mission, Purpose & Values

The mission of Rockingham Community College is to enhance individual and community success in Rockingham County through education as well as full development of human potential, employment assistance, service to business and industry, and contributions to cultural and social development.

Rockingham Community College was chartered in 1963 as a comprehensive, public community college with an open door admissions policy. Our purpose is to provide individuals with high quality, economical, and convenient educational opportunities consistent with student and community needs. To fulfill its mission and achieve its purpose, Rockingham Community College provides:

  • support services to assist individuals in problem-solving in their personal, career, and academic planning;
  • courses for students who wish to complete the GED (high school equivalency) or develop basic skills and competencies;
  • training for employment in industrial and technical fields;
  • courses to develop the skills of under prepared students;
  • freshman and sophomore level courses transferable to other colleges and universities;
  • courses to develop and upgrade students’ vocational, technological, occupational, and academic skills and competencies;
  • in-service and start-up training for area business and industry; and
  • opportunities for continuing personal growth, and cultural and academic enrichment for students and the community.


Commitment to Students
We believe that each person is important. We appreciate the diversity in the students we serve. We treat our students with respect and fairness. We are committed to giving students individual assistance and support. We provide an educational environment that encourages students to progress to their maximum potential.

Commitment to Access
We believe that the programs and services of the college should be equally available and accessible to all.

Commitment to Excellence
We believe that each individual should strive for excellence and we value a job well done. We aim for the highest level of professionalism, competence, and productivity as standards for our college. We aim for responsible participation and high achievement as standards for our students and our community. As role models, our faculty and staff strive to improve the chance of success for each student.

Contribution to the Community
We are committed to enhancing the quality of life, increasing the value of education, and promoting the unity within the community to achieve social and economic success.

Quality Work Environment
We recognize the importance of faculty and staff through open and honest communications, and appropriate involvement in planning and decision-making. We encourage responsible and creative risk-taking, recognize and reward exceptional performance, and provide for professional development.

Adopted with revisions by the Board of Trustees, July 2001