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Building Futures: A Campaign for Advanced Healthcare Education

healthcare education Building Futures: A Campaign for Advanced Healthcare Education is a project that will provide financial resources to build the simulated hospital on the Rockingham Community College campus.

The Owens Human Services Building will undergo extensive renovations that will transform the first floor into a facility that promotes interdisciplinary approach to the education of our health sciences students in all disciplines.

This project, with a budget of $4.8 million, will be supported by local funding.

Construction begins in June 2014.

  • What is education through simulation?
    healthcare education Education in a simulated hospital provides a teaching site where students use a variety of low - and high - fidelity programmable mannequins and video and computer equipment to practice and developing skills n a safe setting. Learning in this environment provides students with realistic situations that can be expected once they are employed in the health care field.

    Realistic healthcare experiences are simulated to meet the clinical training needs of health care students and practicing professionals.

  • What will students experience in a simulated hospital?
    healthcare education
    Ambulance Bay Respiratory Therapy Lab
    ED Trauma Debriefing Room
    Skills Lab Phlebotomy Lab
    Acute Care Unit Occupational Therapy Lab
    Examination Rooms Medical Technology Lab
    Intensive Care Unit Birthing Center
    Surgery and Trauma Suite
    Comprehensive Learning Centers

    The center of the building will feature a multi-purpose atrium space where students can study and relax and the community can host events. The second floor of the building will contain spaces for classrooms, a conference room, and staff lounge.

  • What is interdisciplinary learning?
    healthcare education Interdisplinary learning in the simulated hospital environment provides students with a hands-on, clinical experience working interdepartamentally.

    Just as in a healthcare practices including hospitals, nursing homes, physicians offices, and clinics practitioners of various disciplines interact continuously in order to provide optimum care for their patients. By housing all the health sciences into one building within a simulated hospital setting, the college can realistically reproduce that environment for students. An interdisciplinary approach provides realistic situations for the student and assists them in garnering the skill set that will take them from novice to competency producing students who are competent and work ready.

For opportunities to contribute to this project, please contact:
Gaye Barbour Clifton
RCC Development Office
Post Office 38 Wentworth, NC 27375
(336) 342-4261, ext. 2201

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