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Distance Learning

Need a flexible schedule? Have a full-time job? In today’s society it is becoming increasingly difficult to attend traditional classes while maintaining a job and fulfilling family obligations. Fortunately, online courses allow students to further their educational goals from practically anywhere. All that is required is willingness and dedication to dive into the world of online learning.

RCC is authorized to serve students in in several states, in compliance with the U.S. Department of Education State Authorization Requirements as established in HEOA 600.9(c).  For more information view the Distance Learning: Out of State Student Policy. For more informatin about state autorization visit the Rockingham Community College State Authorization page.

  • The Need For Online Courses
    At Rockingham Community College, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to further their education. We understand that many people have time constraints or difficulties getting to our campus. RCC offers online courses that allow you to take classes on your schedule, from home. Best of all, there are no additional fees to take online courses. Please note that students enrolling into online courses should be skilled in using a computer and meet the minimum computer system and browser requirements.

    Are You Suited to Take Online Courses?
    Online courses are not for everyone. There is often a misconception that online classes are easier than a traditional class, but this is far from the truth. In fact, students often find they spend more time actively working in an online class.

    Please consider taking our Online Readiness Assessment to see if you are ready for online learning.

    How Online Classes Work
    Online students "attend" class by accessing the class and completing assignments according to the class schedule. Students are required to complete assignments according to the class schedule, to maintain regular contact with the instructor, and to participate in online class discussions. Online courses run on the same semester schedule traditional classes. Students enrolling in distance learning courses follow the RCC Academic Honesty Policy.

    What to expect in your online class.

  • Distance Learning Staff


    Louis McIntyre - Title III Project Director
    336-342-4261 extension 2582

    Bridgette Gloster - Title III Activity Coordinator
    336-342-4261 extension 2268

    Curtis Dunlap - Distance Learning Specialist
    336-342-4261 extension 2269

    Gabrielle Rumley-Smith - Title III Instructional Designer
    336-342-4261 extension 2273

  • What is Title III? (Page and link coming soon)






Types Of Distance Learning Courses


Internet or Online: College credit or continuing education course where 100% of the instruction is delivered through the Internet.

Hybrid: College credit or continuing education course where 100% of the instruction is delivered by two or more way video.

Video conferencing: College credit or continuing education course where the primary delivery is on-line with a requirement that students also meet in traditional face-to-face sessions as determined appropriate by the college.

Courses Available
Distance learning courses are integrated into existing curriculum programs. Currently, there are some programs that can be completed by taking half of the required courses online. View the Credit Course Schedule that contains a list of online classes.