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  • Accessing Your Course


    Your online courses will be made available the first day of the semester. However, there is a Moodle Basics course available to you at all times. The Moodle Basics course is designed to help you learn the Moodle interface, brush up on basic computer skills and give you suggestions to become a successful online learner.

    Also in Moodle Basics, under the resource section, there is an Online Orientation Recap available. This is there for you to always have access and instructions for how to obtain RCC resources and services.

    Once your online course begins, look for the Enrollment Assignment. This assignment is comparable to you walking into class the first day and the instructor putting a check beside your name. The course is designed not to populate with content until you have completed this assignment. Once the assignment has been complete, you will see your course content.

  • Recommended Browser


    Moodle works best with Firefox. If you do not have Firefox installed on your computer, please visit to download and install it.

Recommended Browser Plugins


Rockingham Community College recommends the following browser plugins for use with Moodle. It is recommended that the most recent versions be used. Plugins should be installed and enabled for best results while logged into Moodle. Click on an icon to download a plugin. 

  • Acrobat Reader Download  Adobe Acrobat Reader
    The Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin allows you view PDFs in a browser window without opening a separate program.

    Adobe Flash Download Image  Adobe Flash Player
    The Adobe Flash Player plugin for your browser will allow you to access Flash video and rich interactive media.

  • Java Download Link  Java
    Java may need to be installed and enabled in your browser for features used by some Moodle courses.

    Quicktime Download Link  Quicktime
    Apple Quicktime provides easy access to multiple audio and video formats your instructors may post.

    Windows Media Player Download Link  Windows Media Player
    Windows Media Player allows you to view, listen, and download streaming video and audio.

Preparing for Your Online Course


Make sure that your computer is as ready as you are. The following simple preparations will help facilitate a smooth transition into the online learning experience:

  • Make sure that you have the recommended browser installed.
  • Make sure all necessary plug-ins are installed and up-to-date.
  • Go ahead and log into Moodle and check out the Moodle Basics course.
  • Moodle

    Moodle is RCC’s learning management system. Your instructor uses Moodle to create online courses and to communicate with you through out the semester.

    You will use Moodle to access course information, grades, and assignments. Face to face courses will also use Moodle through out the semester.

    If you ever have any trouble logging into Moodle or a class is not showing up contact the Distance Learning Team at Want help learning the Moodle platform or discover techniques to become a successful online learner? Please feel free to reach out to me.
    Kristin Merritt
    336-342-4261 ext. 2270
    We can schedule a time online, face to face or over the telephone to go over Moodle’s features and tips and tricks for successful online learning!

  • Assignments

    If you ever have trouble with assignments, quizzes or tests in your online course your instructor should always be your first point of contact. However, feel free to copy on any communications to your instructor. This will ensure Distance Learning is aware of the situation if something is wrong and we need to help resolve the issue.

    If you find yourself getting behind or feeling over whelmed with your online course, reach out to
    Kristin Merritt
    336-342-4261 ext. 2270
    and we can work with your instructor to develop and action plan to get you back on track.

Online Tutoring

RockinghamCC offers several tutoring options including Online Tutoring. To access Online Tutoring simply click on the link provided in your course. You will have access to an online tutor 24 hours a day, seven days a week in any subject. There are three ways to participate in Online Tutoring.

  1. Wait in a virtual line to access one on one help with a tutor.
  2. Drop off a question and a tutor will get back with you.
  3. View an archive of a previous tutoring session.
  • Log in to Moodle on the first day of the term.

    • Visit RCC's Moodle site (log in information)
    • Open your online course.
    • When you first log in, you will see any courses that are you enrolled in.
    • Click the course name to enter the course.
    • Complete the Enrollment Assignment
    • Become familiar with the layout of the course.
    • Locate the syllabus.
    • Locate the course schedule.


  • Check your Rockingham Community College e-mail account frequently.

    Students automatically receive free Windows Office software!

    Your RCC e-mail address is the default e-mail address for your online courses. Instructors will reply to official RCC e-mail ONLY.

    Have Questions?
    If you are having problems with Moodle, contact your instructor or the Distance Learning Department.
    Don't hesitate to contact your instructor or a classmate when you have a question or concern about your online course content once the semester begins.

Naming Conventions


File-naming Conventions Are CRITICAL!
When placing files into Moodle as a Forum attachment, e-mail attachment, Course Materials link and as an Assignment attachment, it is important to name the files properly before attaching them. Below are a few file-naming conventions that should be followed. File names should not be longer than 32 characters including the file extension (.doc).


    • Dog.doc
    • theDogRan.doc
    • thedogran.doc
    • Dog1.doc
    • Dog_1.doc

    • dog ran.doc
    • dog-ran.doc
    • dog&ran.doc
    • Dog#1.doc
    • dog/ran.doc
    • dog.ran.doc
    • the dog ran over the fence across the field.doc