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Posted on 05/10/13

GED Graduation 2013

On Friday, May 10, at 2 p.m. in the Robert C. Keys Gymnasium, Rockingham Community College held a graduation ceremony for those who earned a GED during the 2012-13 school year.  Graduation speakers included the two individuals chosen to receive scholarships to continue their education at RCC:  Erin Hicks of Madison and Tonda Bailey of Stokes County.

By earning a GED, Bailey and Hicks, 25 and 24 respectively, have been inspired.  Bailey is looking at a possible career in respiratory therapy, Hicks in physical therapy.

Although they were strangers and their lives took different paths, their journeys merged at RCC after hearing similar sentiments from the people who cared about them.

One’s grandmother said, “It’s your fault you don’t have the life you want.  You made your choices.  Now you can fix it or not.”  The other’s mother said, “I gave you the tools you needed for a better life but you didn’t take advantage of it.  You chose not to further your education.”

With deadend jobs their only employment options, the reality of those words sank in.  Both came to the same conclusion.  They wanted more.

The GEDs they earned and scholarships they have been awarded will start them on that path.

The GED graduates for 2012-13 are listed below alphabetically. 

          Adrian G. Agundiz, Tonda N. Bailey, Reginald T. Bernal, John D. Boyd, Tabitha G. Brim, Mindy L. Brinson, Brittne R. Broadnax, Devonte’ A. Broadnax, Britney S. Brown, Dearl K. Brummett, Keith W. Carter, Amber D.Chambers, Mercedez A. Cobb, Cindy J. Contreras, Alba De La Cruz Santiago, Stephanie D. Dillon, Jonathan W. Edwards, Maria L. Escalante, Israel F. Espinoza, Jackie W. Evans, Emilea A. Gibbs, Rita A. Hanks, Kayla A. Hartel, Lisa A. Hawks, Jade T. Heffinger, Erin C. Hicks, Lauren A. Houlton, Kristin L. Huffines, Adrianna M. E. Hyler, Alexandria J. Kiley.

            Also, Timothy M. Lewis, Brandon L. Lockamy, Jovan Lynn, Amanda C. Mabe, Kelly C. Madden, Cathy A. Marsan, Tyrone C. McCoy Sr., Tiffany L. Mills, Esmeralda Miramontes, Dominec L. Monia, Michael L. Murphy Jr., Arianna D. Peters, Zachery E. Phillips, Carrie M. Price, Michael W. Pulliam II, Jammie J. Redd, Karla J. Reyes, Maria F. Rodriguez, Yanxia Z. Sharpe, Cassandra N. Smith, Miqwesha A. Smith, Gloria E. Stone, Joseph L. Stout, Ana Karina Tamayo Piz, Michael A. Tepfer Jr., Austin W. Tucker, Shelby N. Waite , Brittany L. Watkins, Angel L. Welch, Matthew R. Wilson.

            Also, William A. Wilson, Maria D. Winder, Donny W. Windle, Penny D. Wood, Sydney C. Woods, Norma M. Wray.

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