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Posted on 06/24/13

Everyone Can Make a Difference

Mona Chiusano

Students take note.  Even while studying, working, or relaxing, you can make a difference in this world.  

Look at Mona Chiusano, awarded earlier as the Outstanding Student in Rockingham Community College’s Business Division.  Chiusano’s married with children, assists with contracts and goes to meetings for her husband’s business, and has a 3.94 (out of a possible 4.0) grade point average in the two degrees she is pursuing – accounting and business administration.  Those degrees are to prove she can do it and because she loves working with numbers.  She even plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting.  She was vice president of a corporation who chose to leave and return to school because of the economy.  

But it’s scrapbooking that catapulted Chiusano above the other nominees for the outstanding student award.
Everyone Can Make a Difference

Back in 2010 when Chiusano wanted to attend weekend scrapbooking events, she could not one in North Carolina.  So, she started a business hosting events throughout the year in North Carolina and South Carolina.  It was at a Myrtle Beach scrapbooking weekend where she learned a scrapbooking friend was had accumulated high medical bills.  The suggestion was made to “pass the hat.”  Then a silent auction was suggested.  The fund raising endeavor was fun, impromptu, raised $800 and Chiusano thought, “I wonder what we could do if we actually planned a fundraiser?”

She began incorporating fundraising into several of her scrapbooking events and the funds rolled in, along with the camaraderie and good feelings generated by reaching out to others.  So far, her events have raised funds for a cancer foundation, camps for the blind and mentally challenged, and pulmonary fibrosis.  Other organizations are on her radar for the future.

Chiusano says she fits fund raising, running a business, work, and school into her life by being a person who cannot sit still and by being graced with a supportive family who understands nightly home cooked meals have been sidelined for quite a while.

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