Start Local. Go Far.

Piggy Bank with Money

In this workshop, Richard Morreale will present over 30 ways of funding the small business, the best time to attempt to raise funds in the business's life cycle, how business planning fits into the mix, what is Business Planning-Lite, what are and how to build the skills that are required to go for funding, to build the small business and how important it is to develop not only your business knowledge but also the soft skills required to succeed in business. 

He will cover not only the typical long-standing funding opportunities but also, with the advent of the Internet, new ways of funding, such as Crowdfunding and On-line lending. 

The attendees will leave the Workshop with a much better understanding of funding and a list of resources to help them make up their mind as to where they should go for funding. 

Presenter   Richard Morreale

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


RCC Campus: BLLC Room 103

To register for this workshop call Alison Hooker at 336-342-4261 x2107

To register online click here: Small Business Center Registration Form