Start Local. Go Far.

Man with idea

It’s not just perception; the job market is rapidly changing before our eyes. As evidence, a recent report from the US Department of Labor shows Americans are changing jobs every 4.4 years, and that skews to nearly half that for younger people. On a related topic, Forrester Research shows that approximately 50% of US workers will be involved in some form of freelance work by 2025. 

This three-hour course will provide an overview of what’s essential for establishing a new venture – whether part-time or full-time. Various functional business areas will be discussed, with a focus on product innovation, marketing and sales. 

Learning will be accomplished through open discussions, case studies and group breakouts

Attendees will improve their knowledge about the pitfalls that often doom a new venture to failure (many encountered long before the first dollar is ever earned), how to lessen risk and the ways in which success can be made more likely. 

Presenter: Thomas Triumph 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

RCC Campus: BLLC Room 108

To register for this workshop call Alison Hooker at 336-342-4261 x2107

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