Start Local. Go Far.

Seminar Description: 
This 3 - hour highly interactive seminar will show attendees how to develop a results-driven marketing plan that is clear, focused and relevant. You will learn a simple way to build a one page marketing plan and a marketing map that includes creating a foundational web presence, considers traditional marketing and complements a social media plan.The goal is constructing a clear framework for a manageable marketing plan that will enable team involvement.  

Attendees will: 

  • Learn how to get started developing and implementing a successful marketing plan and mapping out your customer's journey  
  • Understand your customer’s personas and how to reach them 
  • Learn how to perform a 360 digital audit including your competition and industry 
  • Establish a structure to maintain the plan that is sustainable over time  


Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Center for Economic Development, Small Businesses and Tourism - 425 NC 65, Reidsville, NC

To register for this workshop call Fonna Terry at 336-342-4261 x2107

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