Meet the Faculty: Timothy Parrish

Meet the Faculty

Timothy Parrish, Department Chair - English
Department Chair, English and Language Studies - Assistant Professor, English
M.A. and B.A. James Madison University

After graduate school, Timothy Parrish worked in advertising for 3 years, taught classes at Guilford Technical Community College, and spent time as an educational consultant in the Greensboro area. When he heard of a part-time teaching position in RCC’s English Department, he applied, was selected, and begin teaching in 2003. In 2004, Parrish was hired full-time to continue teaching English.

Today, Parrish serves as Department Chair for English and Language Studies and has earned the rank of Assistant Professor.

Parrish wants his students to be open to change and hopes that their way of thinking will evolve during their time at the college.

“College students are exposed to new information, new ideas, and new insights,” said Parrish. “Our English classes require students to situate their own thinking within the context of a larger conversation, whether it’s about literature, economics, or any other issue.”

In his classroom, students focus on the kind of writing that will be required in the projected major or profession. The standards for achievement are high and students tend to learn from each other.

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February 02, 2018