The graduation ceremony for those who earned an High School

Equivalency diploma and those who earned an Adult High School diploma was held on Friday, May 15, at 2 p.m. in the Robert C. Keys Gymnasium at Rockingham Community College.

High School Equivalency graduate Sandra P. Hopkins and Adult High School graduate Daniel J. Williamson were recipients of the RCC High School Equivalency/Adult High School Scholarships sponsored by the RCC Foundation.

The High School Equivalency program is offered at locations throughout Rockingham County. There is no fee for enrolling in this program

The High School Equivalency graduates for 2014­15 are listed below alphabetically:

Hannah M. Allen, Jacqueline P. Durham, Alexandria M. Haizlip, Robbie W. Hicks, Sandra P. Hopkins, Monica D. Kroh, Kelly E. Matos, Alan C. McKinney, Melissa M. Nelms, The Adult High School is open to anyone who wants finish their high school education and receive a diploma. Classes are held on RCC’s campus and are free.

The Adult High School graduates for 2014­15 are listed below alphabetically:


Madison P. Carter, Carlos A. Ferretiz, Jasmine A. Harris, Anita M. Lanzarin, Jessica N. Loman, Jenny M. Ore, Benjamin D. Sherrill, Michael C. Smith, Joshua W. Watkins, Daniel J. Williamson, Walter A. J. Wimple.

May 15, 2015