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Rockingham Community College Foundation Officers And Board Of Directors

RCC Foundation Officers 2014-16
President Ms. Peggy Connolly
Secretary Mr. Charles Wharton
Treasurer Mr. Jeff Parris
Immediate Past President Mr. Fred Timper
VP Appropriations Mrs. Mary Hux
VP Community Relations & Development Mrs. Judith Wilkins
VP Investments Mrs. Cathy Smith
VP Organization & Planning Mrs. Vicky Alston
VP Resource Development Mrs. Carol Mills


RCC Foundation Board of Directors 2015-16
Mrs. Vicky Alston, Reidsville, NC Mrs. Nancy McCollum, Madison, NC
Mr. Larry Barefoot, Reidsville, NC Mrs. Carol Mills, Madison, NC
Mr. Del Boothe, Eden, NC Mr. John Morris, Madison, NC
Mrs. Susan Britt, Reidsville, NC Mrs. Barbara Osborne, Eden, NC
Mrs. Denise Brown, Reidsville, NC Mr. Jeff Parris, Eden, NC
Mr. Marc Bumgarner, Reidsville, NC Mrs. Robin Pegram, Reidsville, NC
Mr. Charles Caruso, Mayodan, NC Mrs. Cathy Smith, Reidsville, NC
Mr. B. J. Case, Reidsville, NC Mrs. Virginia Smith, Ruffin, NC
Ms. Peggy Connolly, Madison, NC Mr. Fred Timper, Reidsville, NC
Mrs. Martha Foster, Reidsville, NC Mrs. Julia Tuggle, Stoneville, NC
Mr. Hal Griffin, Reidsville, NC Ms. Casey Vincent, Eden, NC
Mr. Christopher Hicks, Reidsville, NC Mr. Fletcher Waynick, Reidsville, NC
Mrs. Vonda Higgs, Eden, NC Mr. Charles Wharton, Ruffin, NC
Mrs. Mary Hux, Reidsville, NC Mrs. Judith Wilkins, Reidsville, NC 
Rev. Clarence Johnson, Reidsville, NC Mr. Bill Witherspoon, Reidsville, NC
Mrs. Mary Martin, Madison, NC Mrs. Candy Wright, Summerfield, NC

Directors Emeritus
Mr. W. B. Apple, Jr., Reidsville, NC Mr. W. L. Pryor, Ruffin, NC
Mrs. Eunice Atkins, Mayodan, NC Mr. Garland Rakestraw, Stoneville, NC
Mr. Harold Bass, Ruffin, NC Mr. William Stone, Eden, NC
Mr. Don Carter, Mayodan, NC Dr. Roy Truslow, Reidsville, NC
Mr. Frank Green, Reidsville, NC Mr. S. Jack Webster, Madison, NC
Mr. Judge Pierce, Reidsville, NC


Ex Officio Directors
RCC President Dr. Mark O. Kinlaw
RCC Board of Trustees Chairperson Mr. Grayson Whitt
RCC Foundation Executive Director   Mrs. Gaye Barbour Clifton