Student Fees

2022-2023 Student Fees for Curriculum and Continuing Education Students

FeeCurrent FeeComments
Student Activity Fee$8 (1-4 credit hours)Per Semester
$16 (5-7 credit hours)Per Semester
$24 (8-11 credit hours)Per Semester
$32 ( 12 or more credit hours)Per Semester
$1 (full and part-time)Summer only
Credential Fee$3 (1-11 credit hours)Per Semester
$5 (12 or more credit hours)Per Semester
$35 for replacement diploma
Technology Fee (Credit)$15 (1-3 credit hours)Per Semester
$24 (4 or more credit hours)Per Semester
Technology Fee (Non-Credit)$1 (0 – 24 contact hours)Per course or program
$3 (25 – 50 contact hours)
$5 (50 or greater contact hours)
College Access Fee (Credit)$10Fall and Spring Semester
College Access Fee (Non-Credit)$3 (1 – 50 contact hours)Per course or program
$5 (51 or greater contact hours)
Transcript Fee$5For each copy requested
Arts and Sciences Division
CourseCourse TitleCurrent FeeComments
ART 122 3D Design$25Supplies
ART 283 Ceramics I$75Supplies
ART 283 Ceramics II$75Supplies
ART 285 Ceramics III$75Supplies
ART 286 Ceramics IV$75Supplies
ART 288 Studio$75Ceramics Only
BIO 110 Principles of Biology$20Online labs will have no fee. Students will purchase a lab kit or complete lab using a web-based simulated activity through a publisher.
BIO 111 General Biology I$20
BIO 112 General Biology II$20
BIO 163 Basic Anat & Physiology$20
BIO 168 Anatomy and Physiology I$20
BIO 169 Anatomy and Physiology II $20
BIO 175 Introductory Microbiology$25
CHM 131A Intro to Chemistry Lab$20
CHM 151 General Chemistry I$20
CHM 152 General Chemistry II$20
PHY 110A Conceptual Physics Lab$20
PHY 151 College Physics I$20
PHY 152 College Physics II$20
Pottery (96 contact hour class)$100Supplies
Pottery (49-95 contact hour class)$75Supplies
Pottery (24-48 contact hour class)$50Supplies
OST 249 Medical Coding Certification Preparation$50Materials to prepare for certification exam offered through American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC)
Health Sciences & Public Service Technologies

**All Health Sciences programs include $2 Accident Insurance and $16 Malpractice Insurance per semester.

CourseCourse TitleCurrent FeeComments
CJC 110 up to $210
up to $900
CJC 221 $15Lab
COS 112 $1,202Cosmetology Kit and Textbooks – 1st year
$150Uniform and shoes
Emergency Medical Technician$150Uniform and shoes
$50Stethoscope and watch
$25CPR/EVOS card fee
EMS – Paramedic$100Physical
$114Drug Screening /Criminal Background Check
$250Uniform and shoes
$50Stethoscope and watch
Nurse Aide I$100Physical
$129Drug Screening /Criminal Background Check
$150Uniform and shoes
up to $75Stethoscope and other supplies
$10CPR card fee
Practical Nursing$100Physical
$129Drug Screening /Criminal Background Check
$315Uniform, materials and shoes
$55CPR Certification
EMS 110 Emergency Medical Technician$25EMT Polo
$25CPR & EVOS card fee
EMS 122 EMS Clinical Practicum I$75Paramedic Polo
EMS 130 Pharmacology$98EMS Testing
$84Skills Tracker
EMS 131 Advanced Airway Management$25Instructional Lab Supplies
EMS 220 Cardiology II$11ACLS card fee
EMS 250 Medical Emergencies$25Instructional Lab Supplies
Specialty Card Fees$15AMLS card fee
EMS 260 Trauma Emergencies$15PHTLS Card
EMS 270 Life Span Emergencies$21PALS & GEMS card fee
NUR 101 Practical Nursing I$210Student Lab Kit (PN)
$680Online Educational Service
NUR 102 Practical Nursing II$680Online Educational Service
NUR 103 Practical Nursing III$680Online Educational Service
Associate Degree Nursing/LPN to ADN$100Physical
$129Drug Screening /Criminal Background Check
$100Materials and shoes
$55CPR Certification
NUR 111 Intro to Health Concepts$240Student Lab Kit (ADN)
$635Online Educational Service
NUR 112 Health-Illness Concepts$635Online Educational Service
NUR 114 Holistic Health Concepts$635Online Educational Service
NUR 211 Health Care Concepts$635Online Educational Service
NUR 213 Complex Health Concepts$635Online Educational Service
NUR 221 LPN to ADN Concepts I$200Uniforms
$165Lab Kits
$635Online Educational Service
NUR 223 LPN to ADN Concepts II$635Online Educational Service
$114Drug Screening /Criminal Background Check
$75Uniform and shoes
$10CPR Certification
Respiratory Therapy$100Physical
$129Drug Screening /Criminal Background Check
$175Materials and shoes
$90-$145CPR/ACLS Certification
$70NBRC Exams (1st year and 2nd year)
$425Kettering Seminar (2nd year)
RCP 110 Intro to Respiratory Therapy$200Uniforms
$20Lab fee
RCP 111 Therapeutics/Diagnostics$20Lab fee
RCP 210 Critical Care Concepts$20Lab – 2nd Fall
RCP 211 Adv Monitoring/Procedures$20Lab – 2nd Spring
Surgical Technology$100Physical
$129Drug Screening /Criminal Background Check
$10CPR Certification
SUR 110 Intro to Surg Tech$150Uniforms
$45Professional Fee (AST Membership)
$20Lab – 1st Fall
SUR 111 Peri-op Patient Care$20Lab – 1st Fall
SUR 122 Surgical Procedures$20Lab – 1st Spring
SUR 137 Prof Success Prep$190CST Certification Exam
ICV 3111Cardiovascular Technician$10CPR card
$114Drug Screening/Criminal Background Check
Workforce Development

**All Workforce Development courses include a $2 Accident Insurance fee per semester.

CourseCourse TitleCurrent FeeComments
AGR 160 Plant Science$25Supplies
AGR 170 Animal Science$25Supplies
AGR 140 Agricultural Chemicals$25Supplies
AHR 110 Introduction to Refrigeration$20Supplies
AHR 112 Heating Technology$20Supplies
AHR 113 Comfort Cooling$20Supplies
AHR 114 Heat Pump Technology$20Supplies
AHR 151 HVAC Duct Systems$20Supplies
ATR 112 Introduction to Automation$20Supplies
ATR 212 Industrial Robots$20Supplies
ATR 215 Sensors and Transducers$20Supplies
CTS 120 Hardware/Software Support$30Supplies
ELC 112 DC/AC Electricity$20Supplies
ELC 114 Commercial Wiring$20Supplies
ELC 228 PLC Applications$20Supplies
HYD 110 Hydraulics/Pneumatics$20Supplies
MAC 111 Machining Tech I$20Supplies
MAC 112 Machining Tech II$20Supplies
MAC 113 Machining Tech III$20Supplies
MAC 122 CNC Turning$20Supplies
MAC 124 CNC Milling$20Supplies
MAC 222 Advanced CNC Turning$20Supplies
MAC 224 Advanced CNC Milling$20Supplies
MNT 160 Industrial Fabrication$40Supplies
OST 249 Medical Coding Certification Prep$50Course Material/Supplies
WLD 112 Basic Welding Processes$40Supplies
WLC 115 SMAW (Stick) Plate$40Supplies
WLD 121 GMAW (MIG) FCAW/Plate$40Supplies
WLD 131 GTAW (TIG) Plate$40Supplies
Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)$36Assessments (3) $12 per test
Work Keys Assessments$10Scoring Fee ($10 per test)
Workplace Observation$20Testing Fee
High School EquivalencyGeneral Education Development (GED)$20-$80Mandated by State ($20 per test)
High School EquivalencyHiSet$10-$50$10.75 CBT,  $15.00 PBT
Accident Insurance$2Per Semester
Vehicle Safety Inspection$8Supplies
Motor Vehicle Dealer License Renewal$9Course Material Fee
Leatherworking Course$80-$100Supplies
Basic Welding$20-$100Supplies
Welding Technique Course$90Supplies
Construction Trades$20-$100Supplies
Woodworking Course$20-$100Supplies
Stained Glass$20Supplies

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