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Art Club Meets

Aug 24, 2017

RCC Art Club Plans Activities

Members of RCC’s Art Club met to plan activities for the 2017-2018 academic year and select leadership.

Club advisors Professor Ray Martin and Phil Haralam, Fine Arts Faculty, described the educational travel experiences and community service projects as opportunities for developing friendships while learning.

“By traveling together we will learn to trust each other through the sharing of transportation, meals, and the beauties of the world,” said Martin. “Participating in field trips, viewing art exhibits, and traveling together is a rewarding activity for faculty and students.”

Club members will visit Reynolda House Museum of American Art in September, late in the fall the group will enjoy an observational trip to the Greensboro Science Center. In May the group will have the opportunity to visit New York City thanks to the financial support of the RCC Foundation, Inc.

Leadership includes: Antwain Hairston, President; Dustin Backus, Vice President; Emily Taylor, Recorder; Elizabeth Rakestraw, Administrative Assistant.

The RCC Art Club provides an opportunity for creative individuals to enhance their learning experience and participate in community service.


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