OBD/IM Emissions Training

This course prepares auto technicians and service personnel to be safety and emission inspectors for motor vehicles. It includes regulations and test inspection procedures. Students learn to inspect a vehicle and gain the skills necessary to pass the qualification exams for certification as a safety and emissions inspector at a licensed inspection station. Cash will not be accepted by the instructor. The cost of this class includes a $5 fee for the course manual. Classes are held on campus, plus there is a hands-on portion held at Jumper’s Auto Service at 124 N. Fieldcrest Road, Eden.

Instructor: Jumper Cost: $78
Course Code Section Days Date Time Loc
AUT-7300-05 53998 MT 5/2-5/3 5PM-9PM ADT 111
AUT-7300-01 53999 MT 6/6-6/7 5PM-9PM ADT 111
AUT-7300-02 54000 MT 8/1-8/2 5PM-9PM ADT 111
AUT-7300-01 55953 MT 9/12-9/13 5PM-9PM ADT 111
AUT-7300-02 55955 MT 10/3-10/4 5PM-9PM ADT 111
AUT-7300-03 55957 MT 11/7-11/8 5PM-9PM ADT 111
AUT-7300-04 55959 MT 12/5-12/6 5PM-9PM ADT 111

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