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The Customized Training Program at Rockingham Community College is state-funded and designed to help businesses and industries remain competitive in our rapidly changing world.


In order to receive assistance, eligible businesses and industries must demonstrate two or more of the following criteria:

  • The business is making an appreciable capital investment.
  • The business is deploying new technology.
  • The business is creating jobs, expanding an existing workforce, or enhancing the productivity and profitability of the operations within the State.
  • The skills of the workers will be enhanced by the assistance.

What is Customized Training?

Customized Training is individually custom-made to meet your company’s or organization’s needs.


North Carolina’s Customized Training program was established in the late 1950’s and is a collaborative effort among NC’s 58 Community Colleges, NCWorks, and the NC General Assembly. North Carolina was the first state to establish such a program, and it now exists in various forms in nearly every state.


The availability of an existing well-trained workforce, and/or readily available opportunities for future workforce training, factors heavily into a company’s decision about where to locate or expand. The goal of the Customized Training program is to attract businesses to North Carolina as well as to help them maintain health and profitability. This helps ensure the company will remain in NC, where they contribute to our state’s economy both directly and through their workers.


Rockingham Community College works with new, existing, and expanding businesses in Rockingham County to jointly design training specific to the company’s needs and to their current, full-time workforce. To be eligible for a Customized Training program, the State mandates the company must fall under one of the following categories:

  • Manufacturing
  • Technology (such as information technology or life sciences)
  • Regional or national warehousing and distribution centers
  • Customer support centers
  • Air courier services
  • National headquarters with operations outside North Carolina
  • Companies with civil service employees providing technical support to U.S. military installations in North Carolina.

Continuous Improvement Training

As business and industries go through daily operations, it is important to continually improve and enhance the basic skills of your workforce.

Customized Training Program Purpose

The Customized Training Program is designed to make a difference in your bottom line, whether your organization is creating jobs, investing in new machinery and equipment, or streamlining processes for efficiency.

The Customized Training Program (CTP)

Rockingham Community College’s goal is to develop and teach courses and workshops in job-related skills and assist with continuous improvement for eligible local companies.

Customized Training Program Development Process

  • Meet to assess training needs and develop a training plan that will meet your work schedule and skill improvement objectives. Training duration varies by topic and company.
  • Develop the training curriculum and delivery methods that meet the requirements of your organization. CEUs (Continuing Education Units) are available for most training classes.

Snapshot of Training Topics

Rockingham Community College employs or contracts with a broad range of vetted experts in various fields who provide high-quality training to eligible Rockingham County companies. Examples of subjects taught through Customized Training programs include Lean Six Sigma, Microsoft Excel, Access and other Microsoft Office programs, Electrical/Plumbing/Welding for Maintenance Technicians, OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour, Fall Protection, HazWOPR, Confined Space, First Aid/CPR, Leadership and Management Skills, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, DiSC® Personality and Work Style assessments and training, and making the transition from co-worker to supervisor. 

The State requires companies to pay their workers for time spent in Customized Training – workers cannot be directed to complete the training during their personal time – and requires a minimum of six (6) participants in each class as a means to effectively utilize state funds.

Customized Training is usually provided at no cost to eligible companies, though in some cases the company may be asked to contribute a minimal portion of the cost.  The State funds designated for Customized Training are to be distributed relatively equally across the County’s qualifying businesses, and at relatively equal intervals.

This is an opportunity you do not want to miss. To learn more about how state-funded customized training can benefit your business, contact Jennifer Lester at 336.342.4261, ext. 2139 or


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