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Use the search tool to find contact information for faculty and staff. Search by keyword, department or last name. If you require any assistance, you may also call 336-342-4261 and dial “0” to reach the operator.

McCoy, Antwan

Emergency Medical Technician Coordinator

McIntyre, Louis

Interim Director, TRIO Student Support Services Program

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2702
Email: mcintyrel5511@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S., North Carolina A&T State University
B.S., Fayetteville State University

Merricks, Kelly

Faculty, Biology

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2291
Email: merricksk9050@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S., University of Nebraska
B.S., Ferrum College
A.A.S., Danville Community College

Monterroso, Quintessa

Technology Support Specialist

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2705
Email: monterrosoq8093@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: A.A.S., Rockingham Community College

Moore, Gloria


Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2186
Email: mooreg6174@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S., UNC-Greensboro
B.S., North Carolina State University

Murphy, Lori

Department Chair, Math & Learning Support Services/Associate Professor, Mathematics

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2173
Email: murphyl@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.Ed., B.A., UNC-Greensboro

Newton, Deborah

Faculty, Applied Technologies/Electrical Systems Technology Program Coordinator Faculty

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2064
Email: newtond8497@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.B.A., Western Governors University
B.S., American Sentinel University
A.A.S., Diploma, Rockingham Community College

Norwood, Nancy

Campus Services Manager

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2175
Email: norwoodn@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: A.A.S., Chowan College

Nunley, Juanita

Laboratory and Clinical Coordinator/Professor, Nursing

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2194
Email: nunleyj@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S.N., UNC-Greensboro
B.S.N., North Carolina A&T State University
A.A.S, Rockingham Community College

Nunnally, Roslyn

Administrative Assistant, Workforce Development

Osborne, Josh

Systems Administrator

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2014
Email: osbornej3012@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: B.S.B.A., East Carolina University
A.G.E., Forsyth Technical Community College

Parker, Dana

Assistant Professor, Nursing

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2215
Email: parkerd@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S.N., UNC-Greensboro
B.S.N., Winston Salem State University
A.A.S., Rockingham Community College

Parrish, Caleb

Faculty, Computer-Integrated Machining/Computer Integrated Machining (CNC) & Machining Technology Program Coordinator Faculty

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2125
Email: parrishc5404@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: A.A.S., Diploma, Certificates, Rockingham Community College

Parrish, Timothy

Department Chair, English & Language Studies/Professor, English

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2283
Email: parrisht@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.A., B.A., James Madison University

Pecinich, Roxanne

Associate Professor, Nursing

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2249
Email: pecinichr@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S.N., B.S.N., UNC-Greensboro

Peele, Margaret

Program Accountability Specialist (Credit)

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2124
Email: peelem5682@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: A.A.S., Rockingham Community College
B.S.B.A., UNC – Greensboro

Pendleton, John

Faculty, Mechatronics Engineering Technology/Mechatronics Engineering Technologies Program Coordinator Faculty

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2065
Email: pendletonj8428@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S., North Carolina State University;
B.S., University of North Dakota;
Diploma, Danville Community College

Pendleton, Madonna

RCC Foundation/Development Assistant - Accounting

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2106
Email: pendletonm1587@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: A.A.S., Rockingham Community College

Peterson, Morgan

Instructional Designer

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2270
Email: petersonm6057@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.A., Ball State University
B.A., Purdue University

Powell, Lori

Administrative Assistant, Health Sciences and Public Service Technologies

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2207
Email: powells0300@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: A.A., Diploma, Rockingham Community College


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