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In today’s workforce, virtually every job requires the kind of specialized skills and training you will find at Rockingham Community College. If you plan to continue your education at a four-year college or university, starting your journey at RCC can better prepare you academically and save you thousands in tuition and other costs.



Options Available


  • College Transfer – Associate in Arts/Science/Fine Arts (AA/AS/AFA) Degrees – These degrees are designed for students wishing to transfer to four-year universities and represent completion of approximately half of a bachelor’s degree program. The degrees require approximately 64 semester hours and can typically be completed within two years by full-time students.

  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degrees – These degrees provide extensive entry-level employment training in professional fields. AAS degrees range from 64 to 76 semester hours and can typically be completed within two years by full-time students.

  • Diplomas – Diploma programs provide entry-level employment training in fields that require less extensive training than an AAS degree. These programs range from 36 to 48 semester hours and can usually be completed by full-time students within two semesters and one summer session.

  • Certificates – A Certificate provides entry-level employment skills and is often a way to get specific training in an area related to a diploma or AAS degree. These programs range from 12 to 18 semester hours and can usually be completed within one semester by full- time students.

  • Bachelor’s Degree – Through two unique partnerships, RCC is able to offer on our campus Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees from Greensboro College and Winston-Salem State University. These bachelor’s degrees are available in Criminal Justice (BA), Early Education (BA), Elementary Education (BA) and Nursing (BS). In addition, RCC students may earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology (BSIT) through the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Transfer Program from East Carolina University (ECU). Students may take courses online or on the ECU campus.

  • Distance Learning (Online Courses) – For those with time or travel restrictions due to schedule or distance from campus, RCC offers a wide variety of online credit courses. In some cases more than half the credits required for a degree can be earned online.


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