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Process Changing for In-State Tuition Approval

Jan 17, 2017

Beginning February 20, students seeking to enroll at any North Carolina college or university must apply for in-state tuition using the new Residency Determination Service (RDS). The RDS is a statewide system which will provide the determination as to whether or not a student is eligible for in-state tuition rates and state grants. The system complies with a legislative directive passed by NC General Assembly in July 2013 to create a centralized, uniform process for determining residency for tuition purposes and for administration of state financial aid.

Students applying for admission to RCC on or after February 20 will be required to complete the RDS online residency application. Applicants must answer a set of common questions and may be required to submit documentation. Required information will include identification numbers for students and/or parents. Students only have to complete the initial residency application process once, regardless of the number of NC colleges and universities to which they are applying.

Additional information about residency and the RDS process is available at www.NCresidency.org.


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