Public Safety - Other Law Enforcement Classes

RADAR Operator

November 27, 2023 – December 2, 2023 Instructor: Brooks/Morgan Basic RADAR course to certify law enforcement officers to operate NC Approved RADAR speed measuring instruments. Must be employed or appointed as a law enforcement officer by a State or local law enforcement agency or be a federal law enforcement officer. If the applicant is a  Read More

Crisis Intervention Team Training (CIT)

Coming in 2024 Instructor: Sandhills Center This class provides first responders with training and resources to help better assist individuals who are in a mental health crisis and to provide knowledge to help understand mental illness. The class provides de-escalation techniques and helps build relationships with first responders, the mental health system, and the community.

Police Law Institute (PLI)

Up Coming Classes October 2, 2023 – October 13, 2023 September 30, 2024 – October 4, 2024 Instructor: Tallmer This course is designed to provide the skills necessary to conduct enforcement activities associated with search warrants, warrantless searches, interviews, eyewitness identifications and nontestimonial identification orders. Attendance is required at all class sessions. The student must  Read More

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