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Cosmetology Certificate (C55140)


This certificate program is designed to provide individuals with entry-level competencies in cosmetology. Upon successful completion of the certificate, graduates can continue their coursework towards a diploma or associate in applied science degree. Graduates with a diploma or associate in applied science degree qualify to take the State Board of Cosmetic Arts examination. Upon successfully passing the State Board exam, graduates will be issued a license.

In addition to tuition, cosmetology students are required to purchase text books and a Cosmetology Kit $1,500. Students must also purchase two sets of solid black or solid white scrub uniforms at an estimated cost of $35 each, and malpractice insurance at $32 per year.

Course Sequence

Fall Semester Course List
Course Course Name Class Lab Credit
COS 111 Cosmetology Concepts I 4 0 4
COS 112 Salon I 0 24 8
Total 4 24 12
Spring Semester Course List
Course Course Name Class Lab Credit
COS 113 Cosmetology Concepts II 4 0 4
COS 114 Salon II 0 24 8
COS 115 Cosmetology Concepts III 4 0 4
Total 8 24 16
Summer Semester Course List
Course Course Name Class Lab Credit
COS 116 Salon III 0 12 4
COS 117 Cosmetology Concepts IV 2 0 2
Total 2 12 6

Total Credits: 34

Employment Competencies

Communication – The ability to effectively exchange ideas and information with others through oral, written, or visual means.
Integrity and Professionalism – Workplace behaviors that relate to ethical standards, honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, self-control, criticism and demeanor.
Interpersonal Skills and Teamwork- The ability to work effectively with others, especially to analyze situations, establish priorities, and apply resources for solving problems or accomplishing tasks.

General Education Outcomes

Rockingham Community College has three general education outcomes:

Communication: Students will communicate using the conventions appropriate for the intended academic or professional audience.

Information Literacy: Students will locate, evaluate, and use appropriate information for academic and professional tasks.

Critical Thinking: Students will analyze information and ideas and develop reasoned solutions to academic or professional problems. 

Pass Rates by Year


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