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Environmental Planning and Development (A55350)

Associate in Applied Science

This curriculum is designed to prepare individuals and provide skills essential to being successful in outdoor recreational asset design, construction, planning, businesses, and management.

Students will gain an understanding of the principles and develop technical skills in environmental design, outdoor recreation, and management. The course of study provides a background in outdoor assets, design, and policy. Course work is taught through lecture, discussion, and experiential activities/fieldwork. Students will take a common core of classes and select a program major within the program.

Graduates from this program will have a strong background in planning, design, construction, assessment, maintenance, and management of natural recreational systems. Graduates are prepared for employment with non-profits, government agencies, landscaping and outdoor companies, and self-employment.

Trails & Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure is oriented towards hands-on individuals seeking employment with parks and recreation, parks maintenance, landscaping companies, and trail and other outdoor recreation construction. In addition to trail-building, students will be prepared to work for teams, agencies, and companies that design, build, and maintain picnic shelters, information kiosks, river access points, and other recreation sites.

Environmental Planning is designed for students interested in natural resources, recreation, and environmental work more broadly and who would be expected to continue their educations at a four-year institution to qualify for those jobs, such as marine biology, local government, parks management, landscape architecture, and nonprofit management.

Outdoor Economy & Development is a track for those working towards developing their own outdoor recreation and hospitality business. This track consists of business, accounting, marketing, and economics courses, and students will gain experience in managing the enjoyment of natural resources and developing environmental assets and programs safely and profitably.

Course Sequence

Core [All students will take the following courses]

TRL 110 Introduction to Trails, Blueways, & Greenways
EPD 111 Intro to Environmental Planning & Development
EPD 115 Environmental Planning, Design & Layout or LAR 242 Planning & Environments
EPD 180 Planning & Design Project Visualization Techniques or GIS 111 Introduction to GIS
TRL 220 Trail Management, Assessment, Permitting & Contracting or EPD 220 Land Use Assessment, Permitting, & Contracting or BUS 148 Survey of Real Estate

Program Majors [Student select a program major based on individual concentration]

Environmental Planning
EPD 200 Environmental Planning and Land Use
EPD 230 Public Planning, Participation, and Community Engagement
TRL 253 Community Paths & Placemaking or PAD 253 Intro to Urban Planning
AGR 160 Plant Science or GEO 130 General Physical Geography
Outdoor Economy & Development
BUS 110 Introduction to Business
BUS 139 Entrepreneurship I
MKT 120 Principles of Marketing
ODL 284 Principles of Ecotourism or REC 122 Program Administration or ACC 120 Principles of Financial Accounting
Trails & Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure
TRL 210 Work Crew Leadership & Risk Management
TRL 120 Sustainable Trail Design & Construction or EPD 120 Recreation Structures Construction Techniques or Techniques or LAR 112 Landscape Materials & Methods
EPD 125 Parks, Landscape, & Trail Maintenance Techniques or HOR 103 Practical Landscape Skills
AGR 160 Plant Science or GEO 130 General Physical Geography


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