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RESET Rockingham Steering Committee Seeks Guidance/Leadership

Jun 12, 2017

On Wednesday, June 7th, a diverse group of representatives from businesses, industry, and education met to discuss the direction of the RESET Rockingham initiative and begin work to collectively improve the workforce in Rockingham County.

RESET Rockingham launched in October 2016 with a symposium attended by over 50 industry and business leaders. This initiated the discussion of how we as a community can “RESET” our thinking in an effort to create a culture within the county where we benefit from a workforce that is equipped with the types of thinking skills, technical skills and soft skills that are required to grow our local economy and improve the employment prospects of our citizens.

Representatives from Rockingham Community College, Rockingham County Economic Development, Rockingham County Education Foundation, Rockingham County Schools, and NC Works continue to meet, forming task force groups to explore successes, challenges, and next steps. There are six main work tracks:

Soft Skills Work Track: Championed by Dr. Kenny Scott, Rockingham County Schools

and Sharon Galloway, Rockingham Community College

Work Based Experiences Work Track: Championed by Laura Coffee, Rockingham

Community College

Basic Skills Work Track: Championed by Mason Porter, NC Works: Piedmont Triad

Regional Council

Technical Skills Work Track: Championed by Dr. Kenny Scott, Rockingham County


Workforce Placement Work Track: Championed by Shawn Gorman, Rockingham

County Economic Development

Communication, Promotion and Evaluation Work Track: Championed by Dawn

Charaba, Rockingham County Education Foundation

Nine influential business, industry, and community leaders were invited join the RESET Rockingham Steering Committee. This steering committee will be instrumental in giving strategic direction in regards to RESET initiative priorities, as well as implementing and sustaining project standards, structures, and policies. Invitees include:

Dr. Mark Kinlaw (Committee Chairperson): President, Rockingham Community College

Caroline Brigmon: Regional Operations Director, NC Department of Commerce

Debbie Tuggle: Vice President of Career Development Services, Goodwill Industries

Dr. Rodney Shotwell: Superintendent, Rockingham County Schools

Jan Critz: Director, Economic Development and Tourism

John DeLine: President and CEO, Beta Fueling Systems, LLC

Nancy Tulloch: Human Resources Manager, Pine Hall Brick, Inc.

Roy Gibson: Human Resources Manager, Unifi, Inc.

Wendy Walker Fox: Workforce Development Director, Piedmont Triad Regional Council

Attendees were briefed on the progress of the RESET project to date and given a call to action. The group was charged with leading efforts to create systematic changes with the goals of 1) creating a workforce that is the envy of the state, 2) having career opportunities for all, 3) providing a reason for businesses to come to Rockingham County and 4) providing a reason for our youth to remain in Rockingham County.

It is time to RESET our urgency and collaboration, leading to a RESET in our education and workforce priorities.

If you are interested in being involved in a RESET Rockingham work track group, please email the champion by clicking on their name in the text or contact the Rockingham County Education Foundation office at 336-552-0761 or email dawn@helprockinghamstudents.org.


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