What is EagleCare?

EagleCare is a special student assistance program offered by Rockingham Community College through the NC Community College System and the McLaughlin Young Group (MYgroup) of Charlotte.

EagleCare is a collection of services and resources that supplements the personal counseling services of RCC’s licensed counselor, Heather Simons. These services include short-term counseling, legal services, and financial counseling services. There is also an online availability of resources on a wide range of subjects. The website includes searchable databases, streaming audio and video files, and other valuable information – all of which is free of charge.

These services are available free of charge to users. These include:

  • Up to 3 confidential counseling sessions per problem for issues not requiring long-term therapy.
  • One free 30-minute legal consultation per issue (issues cannot be employment-related), with discounted rates if the
    services of an attorney are needed for additional work.
  • Unlimited free financial counseling assistance on a varied range of issues.

Who’s eligible?

EagleCare may be used by all RCC students: curriculum, all Workforce Continuing Education 96-hour programs, all other Continuing Education programs, all College & Career Readiness students, and dual enrollment/Career and College Promise/Early College High School. Services may be used by students and their household members (does not include a non-family person living in the same residence). Students under the age of 18 seeking counseling services from EagleCare must have a parent/guardian initiate the first telephone call.

Help is available 24/7/365 at 800-633-3353 or 704-529-1428.

The online resources may be found at Mygroup.com. Click on My Portal Login. Click on Student. Then, under Work-Life Services, click on the link provided, using:

  • Username eaglecare
  • Password guest

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