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Summer Camps at RCC: Enroll Now!

May 14, 2019

WENTWORTH – Summer Camps at RCC has taken on a new focus this year. A big change is that high school and middle school students are invited to explore potential careers and hobbies during camps taught by RCC faculty.

The always popular camps for elementary students return this year: Healthy Cooking, Cosmetology, and Science Adventures with Mr. Toth.

These camps run Monday through Thursday. Most are offered once, although a handful are offered during more than one week. Camp weeks include June 17-20, June 24-27, and July 8-11.

Sports camps include Baseball and Volleyball, geared toward elementary and middle schoolers. Tennis will be offered for rising 6th-9th graders, and Elementary Tennis for rising 1st-5th graders.


• $65 one ½-day camp

• $115 two ½-day camps

• $115 one full-day camp (Health Science or Working Well)

• $50 each three or more camps

Need-based scholarships will be offered to 10 campers who enroll before May 30.

For detailed information the camps, including dates, times, waiver, registration form and more, click here.

For more information, call 336-342-4261 ext. 2011.

Summer Camps at RCC:

Health Science Immersion: From Microbiology to Patient Care

Students can expect to be involved in a variety of activities including: basic and advanced patient assessment along with obtaining venous access while interacting with simulation manikins to perform lifesaving procedures, basic pulmonary function testing, and maintain an airway; scrubbing and performing a mock surgery; and participating in a problem-solving scavenger hunt with puzzle pieces to complete a group activity in the Emergency Medical Services, Respiratory Therapy, Surgical Technology, and Nursing Programs.

(Rising 11th-12th graders)

Working Well: Learn Lifetime Skills

Learn to accomplish goals and tasks efficiently. Interactive games and discussion teach the four C’s of communication, handling expectations and feedback, and setting goals among other topics which will lead to increased success now and in the future workplace. Successfully complete this camp and earn the Working Smart Certification.

(Rising 9th-12th graders)

Electronic Music: Be a DJ

Students will learn the basics of digital DJing, creating, mixing and editing music, equipment connection and audio engineering.

(Rising 8th-12th graders)

Pottery: Making Art with Clay

Learn to make pottery and other fun ceramic objects during this hands-on artist camp. Students will use the potter’s wheel, learn about design and use glaze to decorate their unique creations. Projects will be fired at the end of the camp and can be picked up at the beginning of the next week.

(Rising 7th-12th graders)

Drawing & Painting: Develop Your Artistic Skills

Learn fundamentals of drawing and painting, including working from observation and creative experimentation with multiple materials, possibly including pencil, charcoal, watercolor and mixed media. Explore your creative spirit and develop artistic skills.

(Rising 7th-12th graders)

Teacher Cadet Camp: How to Teach Young Children

Experience education through the eyes of young learners by creating lessons using creative art, science, math, and literacy strategies. On the final day of camp, introduce and implement created lessons in a classroom setting.

(Rising 6th-8th graders)

Mr. T’s Science Adventures

Explore geology by finding fossils and gems. Explore physics by making bottle rockets and gliders. Explore nature on the RCC trail.

(Rising 3rd-6th graders)

Veggie Ventures: Healthy Cooking for Kids

Find out why your parents are always telling you to eat your vegetables! Learn a variety of dishes and cooking methods to make vegetables a fun part of your dinner. All campers will be able to take their creations home at the end of each day.

(Rising 2nd-6th graders)


From hand massages, braiding, and hair color to makeup and nail polish, this camp teaches proper technique and the theory behind it. Then take a turn in the RCC Salon for some personal pampering. No scissors or electric equipment will be used.

(Two sessions: rising 6th-12th graders and rising 2nd-6th graders)

Maker Space: Create & Innovate

Come be a doer, builder, and creator. Learn 3-D printing, CNC machining, and other computer-controlled design equipment. Leave with new skills and completed projects to remember this exciting experience.

(Rising 6th-8th graders)

Applied Science with Mr. T

You will be the scientist. Screen the building to see where the most bacteria grows. Build model rockets to better understand physics. Use microscopes to see what is lurking in pond water. Construct and race air powered dragsters. By the end of the week you will be ready to excel at your next Science Fair.

(Rising 5th-9th graders)

Tennis (Beginner/Intermediate)

Players will focus on the basic tennis skills. They are introduced to tennis game format and scoring and will begin to develop an understanding of the game. Overhead serves and games-based drills are the focal point at this level. Players should bring their own racket and water and wear appropriate athletic clothes and lace-up shoes.

(Rising 6th-9th graders)

Elementary Tennis (Beginner/Intermediate)

Using lower bouncing balls, smaller rackets and smaller courts, young players are introduced to the fundamentals of tennis using a variety of play-based activities to help them develop playing strategies and HAVE FUN. Rackets are provided. Players should bring water and wear appropriate athletic clothes and lace-up shoes.

(Rising 1st-5th graders)

Creative Writing

This camp will introduce students to the basics of creative writing across the genres, including fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. Students will practice a variety of forms within these genres, and be introduced to a number of exercises designed to enhance creativity, introduce the concept of revision, and inspire self-expression.

(Rising 8th-12th graders)

Healthy Cooking: Eat Well, Live Well

Campers will gain an understanding of why vegetables are critical to good health. Learn a variety of cooking methods using both familiar and more exotic vegetables. All campers will be able to take their creations home at the end of each day.

(Rising 6th-12th graders)

Build a Business: Be an Entrepreneur

Learn business formation types; funding opportunities; marketing strategies; and how to pick a successful location. Brainstorm business ideas with the class; do your research; then build your own business plan. Leave ready to create your own business and be an entrepreneur.

(Rising 6th-8th graders)

Computer Science First

Computer science is a 21st-century sill enabling you to be a creator rather than just a consumer of technology. Learn programming and create projects of personal interest including sports, art, or fashion while honing problem solving skills. The Computer Science First curriculum is provided by Google.

(Rising 6th-8th graders)

Baseball or Volleyball

Coaches and student athletes will instruct participants on skills and knowledge of the game. They will also share what it takes to be a student-athlete and what it’s like to play at the collegiate level. Come find out about how to be an RCC Eagle.

(Elementary and middle schoolers)

And again, for detailed information the camps, including dates, times, waiver, registration form and more, click here.

For more information, call 336-342-4261 ext. 2011.


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