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Restoration and Preservation


In April, 2004, the flag was professionally assessed.  The observations were as follows:

The flag was removed from the frame and examined, photographed and measured.  The overall condition is fair with areas of silk near the hoist edge, around stenciled letters and intermittent areas torn or very weak.  Overall color has faded with bits of original color or richer example of original color evident on back sections of the flag or near and inside the seams.  The thread appears to have retained the original color, changing from red to white along edges of bars. The lining is fine, plain-woven cotton, or perhaps linen and can be seen where silk is missing.  Some dark spots are located near several stars.  The stenciled lettering is brown in tone but retains some gold tones.  The fringe is sound and in good condition.  The fringe needs to be carefully aligned.  Examining the back it is noted that there are sections on the bars that have been pieced and color varies.

A treatment plan was devised whereby the flag was cleaned and flattened, then repaired and stabilized where needed.  To restore the faded color of the blue and red silk, appropriately colored Stabiltex was cut to size and laid over the muted areas.  The fringe was then combed flat and the flag was placed in a custom made archival frame.

The flag shortly after acquisition by RCC

Flag in its first frame

Flag after being displayed for a long period of time

Assessing the condition of the flag in 2004

Detail of lettering

Detail of reverse edge

Detail of piecing on reverse

Detail of stars

Detail of fringe

Tassels and cords

Removing the flag from frame

Packing flag for shipment

Stabiltex overlays


Flag returns to RCC

Completed restoration


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