Financial Literacy

What is Financial Literacy?

  • The ability to manage your financial resources effectively and responsibly. Such knowledge will increase financial success.

What can you do to be financially literate?

  • Learn how to create a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly budget
  • Track your spending habits
  • Learn the difference between something you “need” and something you “want” to prevent overspending
  • Learn techniques to pay off debt
  • Open a savings account
  • Build and establish credit
  • Start planning for retirement by researching different types of retirement accounts and any associated risk

Financial Literacy in Paying for College

  • Visit  CFNC.  The site can give you tips on how to “plan, apply, and pay for college”.  For those thinking about their children’s education, the site also has information on the NC 529 college savings plan
  • Cash Course
  • Start thinking about budgeting for future college expenses. See our  tuition and fees  information to find the cost of classes.
  • Financial aid is also an option to help you pay for college. To determine your eligibility for federal, state, and institutional aid (scholarships), you will need to complete the  FAFSA
  • If you must pay for courses out of pocket without financial aid assistance RCC offers a  payment plan.

General Information

  • Student debt is a part of your credit score and any default status will be reported to the credit bureaus.  Though we do not offer student loans on this campus, you may have debt from other schools that could impact your ability to receive financial aid here.   
  • Visit the National Student Loan Data System ( NSLDS ) to obtain information on prior loans from previously attended institutions. 
  • Please find links to some sites that provide general information about financial literacy below:
  • Your Life Your Money
  • Financial Literacy

*Please note that we do not in any way oversee the content of the general sites listed above nor do we infer that we agree with the site content.  The sites are merely posted as a way for you to gather information from outside sources related to the financial literacy topic.

Rockingham Community College strives to provide information and guidance to students to help them understand how to manage debts of all kinds and repay loans.  This information meets requirements from SACSCOC Principle 12.6. 


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