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Sometimes life happens when you’re in college. If you find that you are dealing with personal issues that are affecting your life (academic work, relationships, outlook on life), we have staff who can talk with you and help you find appropriate resources to help you deal with these issues.

The Advising & Counseling Center is a safe place to come for assistance and we want to support you when life becomes difficult to manage.

Ms. Heather Simons, Counselor, is available to assist you as someone with whom you can talk in a confidential manner. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor with wide experience in working with college students and a wide range of issues, such as relationship and family issues, substances abuse, and other matters that might suggest additional or prolonged assistance. She is a former counselor at Daymark Recovery Services and is able to assist with referrals of students for additional counseling needs when these are identified.

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Please see the  Campus Save Act  page for information on sexual violence, including reporting any sexual violence or stalking on campus. Ms. Heather Simons, other Advising & Counseling Center staff, Campus Security,  Ms. Joy Chappell (Director of Human Resources & Title IX Coordinator), or Dr. Carolyn Salanger (VP for Student Development), are all key points of contact.

Heather Simons, RCC Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor talks about anxiety.

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