CAB 3100

Learn the fundamental techniques of cabinetmaking. Course topics include understanding the difference between production and custom cabinets; proper selection of woods, materials, tools and finishes; learning how to plan, blueprint and build a small cabinet; understanding cabinet installation; and understanding how to estimate building and labor construction costs.

Students will need: Safety glasses, hearing protection, N95 mask, measuring tape, pencil, folding rule (instructor will specify what type of folding rule during the first class – do not purchase this ahead of time).

Students must wear closed toe shoes. Pants must fit snugly at the waist and properly throughout, because loose-fitting pants or shirts can catch in the machinery and cause serious injury. While operating machinery, never wear long sleeves that fit loosely or do not button at the wrist. Long hair must be tied back into a bun at all times to prevent getting caught in machinery. The instructional space is comfortable but not heated or air-conditioned, so students should dress accordingly.

Student projects and project sizes will be determined during the first class and students will purchase materials after that.

Safety is fundamental and will be discussed at length during the first class. Failure to comply with shop rules will result in removal from the class.

Classes are held at Freeman Wood Crafters (FRWC), located at 413 Church St. in Eden.

Estimated Fees

  • Registration: $180
  • Accident Insurance: $2
  • Supply Fee: $38
  • Total Estimated Cost: $220
Instructor: Freeman
Course Code Section Days Date Time Loc
CAB-3100-01 58807 MW 08/14/23-12/13/23 6:00pm-9:00pm FRWC
CAB-3100-01 59963 MW 01/08/24-04/10/24 8:00am-12:00pm FRWC
CAB-3100-02 59983 MW 01/08/24-05/08/24 6:00pm-9:00pm FRWC



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