Student Grievances

What is the Student Grievance Procedure?

The Student Grievance Procedure is made available to all students who seek to resolve various
academic and/or non-academic written grievances or complaints against College faculty, staff, other students, or other employees. On occasion, a student’s complaint is such that it may be resolved informally without the use of the procedure. However, if resolution cannot be achieved informally, and a student seeks a formal resolution, the procedure requires the student to confirm the complaint or grievance in writing as a means of seeking resolution. Formal complaints or grievance require that the issue be addressed in writing.

Where Is Information Located About the Student Grievance Procedure?

The procedure is provided in detail in the RCC Catalog & Student Handbook, which is published
online on the RCC web site. The document you are now reading is available in printed form in the
Student Development Division offices in the Whitcomb Student Center and on the RCC web site.

What If I’m Not Sure About Using the Procedure?

Students are welcomed and invited to seek assistance regarding the procedure by speaking
with the Vice President for Student Development or a member of the Counseling Services staff. These persons will be happy to review the procedure with you and help you determine the best approach for seeking a resolution to your issue.

What Does This Document Include?

This document explains in detail the procedure to be followed for academic and non-academic
grievances (or complaints). There is also included a form that is to be completed for each type of
grievance. Be sure that you complete the form that is most appropriate for the type of issue you seek to address. This form, and a letter that must be attached to it, are to be submitted to the Vice President for Student Development, whose office initiates the administrative process for your concern to be reviewed.

You will note that the procedures for academic and non-academic grievances each have a set
of increasing levels of review, depending upon your desire to move the process to higher levels based upon the outcome of a lower level of appeal and review. Each procedure also has a specified time period within which you must initiate an appeal if you seek to have a complaint or grievance formally reviewed.

Please review the procedures carefully and ask questions as needed to be sure you understand
the process.

Click here to access the Student Grievance Form

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