Digital Marketing Bootcamp

MKT 7215

This course prepares students to boost digital and social media marketing skills. Students will learn topics such how to deploy a variety of digital and social media tools to aid in marketing a business, knowledge of all social media platforms and the purpose and best audience for each, advertising and paid campaigns, website tools, techniques for pushing content out with the highest success rates, search engine optimization, data analytics and reporting, and how to develop content for the various platforms. Upon completion, students will be able to take the knowledge gained and put to use in their own business or organization to drive growth across digital platforms. This class is a must for small businesses and marketing professionals. This course is instructor-led and delivered in a hybrid format on campus and online. Prepayment of tuition is required.


Instructor: Knight Cost: $185
Course Code Section Days Date Loc
MKT-7215-01 61065 M-S 05/21/24-08/27/24 Online

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