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Computer-Machining Fundamentals Certificate (C50210C)


This certificate program is designed to provide individuals with entry-level competencies in basic machining, basic CNC operation, blueprint reading and measurement. Upon successful completion, graduates should be able to set up and produce simple parts on basic machine tools. Courses within the certificate may be applied toward an Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Integrated Machining.

Course Sequence

Fall Semester Course List
Course Course Name Class Lab Credit
ISC 112 Industrial Safety 2 0 2
ISC 113 Industrial Specifications 1 0 1
MAC 114 Introduction to Metrology 2 0 2
MAC 122 CNC Turning 1 3 2
MAC 131 Blueprint Reading/Mach I 1 2 2
Total 7 5 9
Spring Semester Course List
Course Course Name Class Lab Credit
DFT 119 Basic CAD 1 2 2
MAC 124 CNC Milling 1 3 2
WBL 110 World of Work 1 0 1
WLD 112 Basic Welding Processes 1 3 2
Total 4 8 7

Total Credits: 16

Employment Outlook

Employment of machinists is projected to grow 4% from 2019 to 2029, about as fast as the average for all occupations. With improvements in technologies, such as computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools, autoloaders, high-speed machining, and lights-out manufacturing, machinists will still be required to set up, monitor, and maintain these systems.

General Education Outcomes

Rockingham Community College has three general education outcomes:

Communication: Students will communicate using the conventions appropriate for the intended academic or professional audience.

Information Literacy: Students will locate, evaluate, and use appropriate information for academic and professional tasks.

Critical Thinking: Students will analyze information and ideas and develop reasoned solutions to academic or professional problems. 

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