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Prehealth Emergency Medical Science (A10300EM)

Associate in General Education

The Associate in General Education (AGE) curriculum is designed for individuals wishing to broaden their education, with emphasis on personal interest, growth, and development. Courses offered in the curriculum provide a foundation for success and meet general education requirements in the health science programs. Completion of this program does not guarantee admission to any academic program.

Students interested in Emergency Medical Science are placed in A10300EM to take required transition and general educational courses for admission to the program. Academic advisors will assist you in creating an education plan and timeline for admission so that you may complete your courses and know the requirements for the admissions process for your respective health science program.

Course Sequence

Fall Semester Course List
Course Course Name Class Lab Credit
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3 0 3
PSY 150 General Psychology 3 0 3
SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology 3 0 3
Mathematics Elective 2-3 2 3-4
Total 8-9 2 9-10
Spring Semester Course List
Course Course Name Class Lab Credit
BIO 163 Basic Anatomy & Physiology 4 2 5
BIO 168 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 3 3 4
ENG 112 Writing/Research in the Disciplines 3 0 3
Humanities/Fine Art Elective 3 0 3
Total 9-10 2-3 10-11

Total Credits: 19-20


Humanities/Fine Arts Elective– Choose one of the following:

UGETC: ART 111, ART 114, ART 115, ENG 231, ENG 232, ENG 241, ENG 242, MUS 110, MUS 112, PHI 215, PHI 240
Gen Ed: HUM 115, REL 110

Mathematics Elective– Choose one of the following:

UGETC: MAT 143, MAT 152, MAT 171

Other Major Hours (44-45) – These hours must be approved by the assigned academic advisor prior to enrolling in courses other than those listed above. Note: Students completing the above sequence and who have not been accepted into the Emergency Medical Sciences program must see their assigned advisor to explore other degree options before enrolling in additional courses


Total Age Program Hours Required 64-65


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