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Use the search tool to find contact information for faculty and staff. Search by keyword, department or last name. If you require any assistance, you may also call 336-342-4261 and dial “0” to reach the operator.

Hill, Ronald

Clinical Coordinator, Emergency Medical Services

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2067
Email: hillr2432@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: A.A.S., Guilford Technical Community College

Hodges, April

Program Coordinator, Health Science Occupations

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2791
Email: hodgesa7818@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: Certificate, Rockingham Community College

Hooker, Alice

Enrollment Services Specialist

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2107
Email: hookera@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: A.A.S., Rockingham Community College

Howard, Craig

Faculty, Information Technology

Huff, Daniel

Director, Student Life & Athletics/Baseball Coach

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2323
Email: huffd5958@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: B.A., Emory & Henry College

Human Resources

Hunt, Gerri

Director, Public Information

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2170
Email: huntg0780@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: B.A., Louisiana State University

Hunt, Randy

Director, Small Business Center

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2245
Email: huntr7156@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: B.A., UNC – Wilmington

Ingram, Vanessa

Fitness Center Coordinator

Isley, Tim

Faculty, Computer-Integrated Machining

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2177
Email: isleyt6827@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: Diploma, Rockingham Community College

James Library

Jansen, Nadine

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2322
Email: jansenn0595@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S., North Carolina State University
B.S., North Carolina A&T State University

Jennings, Laura

Director, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2147
Email: jenningsl3489@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.Ed., B.S., B.A., North Carolina State University
M.S., UNC – Wilmington

Kearney, Deirdre

Faculty, History

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2214
Email: kearneyd4975@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.A., B.A., UNC – Greensboro

Keens, Charles

Faculty, Physical Education/Health/Biology/Kinesiology

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2287
Email: keensc2212@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S., Liberty University
B.S., UNC-Greensboro
A.S., Rockingham Community College

Key, Sandee

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2242
Email: keyms@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.S., North Carolina A&T State University
B.A., UNC-Greensboro

Kinlaw, Mark O.

President, Rockingham Community College

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2210
Email: kinlawm@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: Ed.D., North Carolina State University
M.A., UNC-Pembroke
B.A., Wake Forest University

Knight, Thomas

Faculty, Information Technology

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2255
Email: knightt3459@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.B.A., B.S.B.A., East Carolina University
A.A., Rockingham Community College

Lester, Jennifer

Director, Corporate Education and Training

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2139
Email: lesterj8179@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: M.Ed., UNC-Greensboro
B.A., University of Virginia

Lipford, Kelly

BLET Qualified Assistant

Phone: 336-342-4261 | Ext: 2238
Email: lipfordk2662@rockinghamcc.edu
Education: A.A.S., Rockingham Community College


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